Teach Like A Champion
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Chapter 7
Building Character and Trust

For Chapter 7, we think it would be fun to have each grade level create a 7-10 minute skit to be presented at the next faculty meeting. As this chapter focuses on creating a positive classroom community, we would like to see how each of the grade levels accomplish this. Possibly even a what to do vs. a what not do scenario. Be creative, props are strongly encouraged but not mandatory. There is even a little money left over to reimburse if necessary. Nevermind...this is how we keep our jobs fun. Please laugh, disregard and complete the activity below.

This chapter focuses on creating a positive classroom community. One of the techniques is the J-Factor. Read over the attachment and share one way you keep learning fun given all of the testing and end of the year behavior we are experiencing now.


Chapter 8
Improving Your Pacing

Chapter 8: Improving Your Pacing
"Students like to think they are doing something new more frequently than you can afford to change the topic of their learning, and pacing taps into that desire. When you are maximizing pacing your teaching engages and interests students, giving them a sense of progress and change."
Name two ways that you have students represent their learning to keep them engaged even though you are working on the same skill for an extended amount of time.