2015 - 2016 RTI MESSICK

CYCLE 4 2015 -2016

Mystery Class

-Mystery Site Clues
-Sunlight Simulator

-Sunrise/Sunset lookup
-Mystery Class Data Sheet

-Mystery Class Graph 2016

-Class Photoperiod Map

-Latitude and Longitude finder

-Mystery Site Data Jan 29
-Mystery Site Data Feb. 5
-Mystery Site Data Feb 12
-Mystery Site Data Feb 19
-Mystery Site Data Feb 26
-Mystery Site Data March 4
-Mystery Site Data March 11
-Mystery Site Data March 18
-Mystery Site Data March 25

-Mystery Site Data April 1
-Mystery Site Data April 8

Article- "What determines the amount of daylight?"

code.png Hour of Code Activities

Tic Tac Toe Quiz






Connecting text to the story - "moist"

CYCLE 3 2015 -2016

Test 1

test 3
test 4

test 5

Rocks and the Rock Cycle

-Student Notes - Day 1

-Focus Question - Day 1

Monday, March 7

-Student Notes - Day 2

-Code or Dreambox

Tuesday, March 8

-Focus Question - Day 2

-Code or Dreambox

Wednesday, March 9
-2 Wonderopolis stories, read/do Wonder Word Challenge & Did You Get It? activities for both

Wodneropolis-Sept_19.pngHow are Rocks Made?

Wodneropolis-Sept_19.png Where Can YOu Find Fossils?

-Code or Dreambox

Thursday March 10

-Using yesterday's Wonderopolis stories, please make a post on the padlet below.

Padlet - Fossils

Monday March 14

Student notes Day 3

Google Slides - Tutorial




Cycle 2 -Week 6

Close Reading Activity
*Ever Wondered How It Snows?
Final Activity

Culminating Question: Day 5
*Culminating Question - Graphic Organizer

Student notes: Day 1
Student Notes: Day 2
Day 2 - Focus Question

Student Notes: Day 3

Student Notes: Day 4

Monday 11.30.15

-log into Chromebooks

Wodneropolis-Sept_19.pngWhy is it called Black Friday?


-Compound Boogie

your dictionary-logo-02-md-base.png



***Graphic Organizers***
Thursday December 18, 2014

Replay - The Man with the Violin

padlet.jpg What human ability would you give to animals? How would it change/improve their lives?