In regards to TLC:Chapter 1:Setting High Expectations, I chose to focus on technique #2 Right is Right. I chose Right is Right simply because I find myself giving students credit for a partially correct answer. Then I add or have a student add to finish the correct response 100%. I believe I do this as to not hurt the student's self-esteem and give them comfort and safety in the classroom. However, after reading this section, this may be a bit of a disservice. If i continue telling them they are right without the specific details (100%) then that may be all of the thinking they will do for that particular question, and in their brains they were right and that is enough. But if that is how they responded on a test it would not be accepted. So- the past couple of weeks, i have made it a priority to tell the students that they are almost right. At first, they couldn't understand why. But as i had others add to their start they began realizing their shortcomings. I have a seen an effect just by saying you are almost right. I have seen more students take a longer time to come up with their response before they raise thier hands. I also have noticed more friends using resources to be sure that their answer is more complete. with 4 students i have seen longer written responses on extended response questions. :)